Dr Malini Rajandran

Specialist Paediatrician

About Dr. Malini Rajandran

Dr Malini Rajandran is a general paediatrician who obtained her fellowship in general paediatrics in 2020 following training at the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network and Nepean Hospital. In her years of training, she has come to recognise that family centred, and evidence-based approach is an imperative essence in caring for paediatric patients.

Malini was born in Malaysia and spent her childhood and early teen years in Kuala Lumpur. She moved to Australia to pursue medicine, fell in love with this beautiful country and has called it home ever since.

Areas of interest

As a general paediatrician, Malini thoroughly admires a child’s spirit, strength and resilience in handling medical diagnosis and treatment. Moreover, she enjoys the intricate aspects of paediatrics which involves the development, learning, behaviour and general welfare of babies, children and teenagers. Her other interests in paediatrics include diabetes and refugee health and this has led her to pursue further postgraduate studies in these fields.

Malini enjoys working with parents and their children in navigating through the physical and psychosocial challenges, exploring what works well for the child, empowering children to achieve their very best in every aspect of their life and watch them grow to their full potential.

Languages spoken